What We do Best!

Let us introduce you to a wide spectrum of books. In our offer you will find educational books for children of all ages—from kindergarten to secondary school: activity books that fascinate young and older kids, colouring and kit books for the youngest, and literature and beautiful fairy tales—not only Classics, but also modern tales that stimulate young, eager minds.   All our books are carefully proofread, revised and edited. They are printed on a high-quality paper and richly illustrated in an eye-appeasing way. But that’s not all! A considerable number of our titles is also available in electronic format: either…
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Welcome to Nanook Books!

Welcome to Nanook Books! What a better way to start the new year than with a new website! For our readers we have not only a completely new layout but also 9 new series, a bookmark dedicated to our artists and some great new titles. We trust that you will enjoy discovering our offer in its brand new packaging!
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Our New Series

10 categories and 9 new series for kids of any age are now available. Explore the different categories and series in our catalogue! Children's Literature: Kiddie Nanook: (Age 3+) Reading to children is a true art! Kiddie Nanook enlivens your task with colourful and refreshing stories. Little Nanook: (Age 5+) The joys of reading are naturally discovered with Little Nanook books. Nanook Junior: (Age 7+) When your child begins to read autonomously, this series will further hone reading skills and stimulate curiosity. Nanook Classic: (Age 5+) Rediscover stories and tales from your own childhood that have been carefully adapted to…
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