lovely stories

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  • Author: Tamara Fonteyn
  • Illustrator: Marta Długołęcka, Monika Stolarczyk, Arthur Friday, Jaroslaw Zukowski
  • Series: Kiddie Nanook
  • Paperback: 21 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-62321-109-7

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Discover five bedtime stories that are sweet, enchanting bearers of timeless morals! Children will relate to the ups and downs of a teddy bear infatuated with a beautiful doll. They will disapprove of Papa Rooster’s behavior but praise Farmer Pipo’s wisdom. The story of Theo the bumblebee and his beloved mother will bring children soothing comfort before they embark on an escapade with Cayenne the Colt.
Genre: ebooks, ekiddie-nanook, kiddie nanook