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Product details:


  • Author: Maud Michel
  • Illustrator: Jessica Secheret
  • Series: Adventures of Young Dreamers
  • Extent: 40 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-910538-26-5

Do you see that little house on the street corner? It’s where Julie lives. She’s a cute, little girl, yet she is far from being a happy one; the problem is that she has to wear huge eyeglasses, and other children make fun of her or—even worse—pretend not to see her at all. No one wants to play or be seen around a four-eyed creature, after all.


One day Julie finds out that the owner of a quaint little shop, is about to retire and wants to sell his business. The girl convinces her mother to buy it. The day that Julie finally meets its unusual clients will completely change her life.

Genre: Adventures of Young Dreamers, ebooks