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  • Author: Joint Work
  • Illustrator: Arthur Lobus
  • Series: More to Explore
  • File Type: Fixed-Layout ebook
  • Extent: 108 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-62321-155-4

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Animals—from felines to bovines, wild or domesticated, farm animals or pets, fish or marine life, predators or preys—are intrinsic to our world and its survival. Fortunately, teaching basic zoology to children is made easy by the natural curiosity they exhibit from a very young age. A children’s book on nature and how it works provides not only the answers to the why and how questions but encourages awareness and engagement for the future.

Vividly illustrated for children, this new eBook, with all the interactive functionalities offered by Fixed-Layout technology, will thrill the inquisitive minds, entertain by its visual beauty and proactively edify.


Genre: activity ebooks, ebooks, Encyclopaedias
Illustrated by Arthur Lobus