101 Ways to Play with a 2-year-old

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  • Author: Joint work
  • Illustrator: Kasia Kolodziej
  • Series: Learning Games
  • File Size: 6421 KB
  • Print Length: 126 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-62321-094-6

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A must-have for parents and day-care centers who want to keep their youngsters occupied and smiling every day. Choose an activity from 3 levels of difficulty and 11 different categories of games carefully selected and suitable for 2-year-old children, and enjoy spending time together. Learn how to combine education with fun, and help your kid to develop a natural curiosity and imagination. Watch as your kid plays and improves his/her language, logic and motor skills, or join in the fun to strengthen family ties and to build an emotional bond.

  • 11 different categories of games (indoor and outdoor activities),
  • 3 levels of difficulty,
  • Simple and practical exercises,
  • Absorbing and charming illustrations.


Genre: activity books, activity ebooks, ebooks, learning games, learning games/preschool
Illustrated by Kasia Kolodziej