Ocean Adventures with Elwar the Dolphin Front CoverA new title in our Sparks Young Readers Club series has just been published in North America!

The target readership has been widened to include teachers, too! The action story will attract children and adults alike thanks to its ocean mammals theme, storyline and encyclopedic notes!

Tom and his elder sister Alex are on vacation in Florida with four cousins of similar age. They share a large beach house belonging to a scientific institute engaged in the study of dolphins. What Tom expected to be a quiet vacation turns into a perilous adventure when he discovers he can communicate with these fascinating mammals, in particular with Elwar. Will Tom’s new friend come to the rescue in moments of danger?

This charming children’s story about the friendship between a boy and a dolphin is complemented by encyclopedic notes on marine mammals. It is recommended for children interested in life below the waves and for grade school teachers engaged in the subject.