Spring-Inspireds_OKLADKA_UK_pop-250pxThe Creative Workshop series was designed to introduce children age 4 and over to creative leisure and the pleasure of creating with their own hands. Each book allows children to make useful items, toys, decorations and artwork using different techniques—from paper folding to the use of small tools, through painting, cutting, gluing, sewing, sculpture or threading— and is designed around an attractive theme or around a particular technique.



Jewellery Fantasy-250pxThe Creative Workshop series is published with great editorial rigor. We take particular care to ensure that the works are as beautiful as they are practical. The projects are described clearly and illustrated step by step so that most are accessible to children working independently, without the help of an adult.


The author, Marcelina Grabowska-Friday, designs each project in hope of passing on techniques, traditions and an interest in creative hobbies to youngsters. Through her passion, Marcelina brings children of all ages precious moments of play, relaxation and accomplishment.