March is almost over and therefore, it seems safe to announce that The Mandala Colouring Book—The Artful Path and On a Farm from the Kiddie Cut-Out series will unquestionably earn the number one spots for best-selling titles of the month of March. We encourage you to have a closer look at these titles.




The Mandala Colouring Book

Mandala colouring is becoming increasingly popular in the Western World. This book contains a specially selected collection of mandala images—pictures composed of repeating shapes ready to be coloured. Colouring them requires a quiet mind and steady hand, which makes this book an excellent choice for everyone who yearns to relax and calm down after another stressful day.

It’s one of a selection of books we would like to offer to adult readers.






On a Farm - cover





On a Farm

The Kiddie Cut-Out series is Nanook Books’ flagship. These colourful and engaging activity books for children are extremely popular amongst our youngest readers and the success of On a Farm only confirms the high status of the series.