Easter is getting closer and here, at Nanook Books, we have been preparing for it extensively. In our offer you will find a whole collection of spring and Easter-related publications: both on paper and in e-version. Please feel free to discover our seasonal offers!

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Easter Decorations

Easter is a very special holiday and our newest book will help you introduce Easter-related traditions to your children. Rich colours and beautiful designs will surely rivet every child’s attention. Time spent producing little cardboard marvels will give children happy memories and a reason to be proud, for each of the press-out models can be easily assembled—even if one is only 4 or 5 and still has some troubles manipulating small and delicate objects.



Spring-Inspired Arts & Crafts
Spring is almost here, the world bounces back to life, and Nanook Books joins in the joy by proudly presenting its new books.


The days are longer, warmer and the more energized we are. Why not take advantage of this revival with our children? We would like to show you an astonishing activity book—Spring-Inspired Arts & Crafts. It includes numerous instructions for do-it-yourself projects that will help you prepare your house for spring and Easter. Each project is clearly described in easy-to-perform steps and illustrated with multiple photographs printed on high-quality paper.


Now, parents and children can participate in creating beautiful decorations, toys and different festive ornaments. This is an ideal proposal for maybe-not-so-sunny days, alas so frequent in March and April. By all means, enjoy the outdoors, but if that proves to be impossible, spend time with your family enjoying the multiple ideas brought to you by Spring-Inspired Arts & Crafts!

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Jewellery Fantasy

Jewellery Fantasy — A Guide for Creative Girls is another book from The Creative Workshop series. It brings yet more DIY projects—this time designed solely with girls in mind. This book is a comprehensive manual on creating jewellery. Any girl will surely find something that suits her among many interesting designs.


High-quality photographs, detailed instructions and exquisite paper are The Creative Workshop series’ hallmark. This book is no exception from the rule. It has been prepared with great care and for one purpose only: to give joy!